Playing Age:  30-40

Height:  5' 9" (175cm)

Bodyshape: Medium build, Athletic

Arm Span:  175cm

Native Accent:  Midlands

Other Accents:  RP, General American, Scottish

Special skills: 


Wushu (Kung Fu, Shaolin, Wing Chun, Tai Chi).

Weapons (Staff - long/short, chinese broadsword and straightsword, spear).

Firearms (pistols, rifles, WW2 and modern).

Wire work (jerk backs, ratchets, ascending/descending, single and double wire).

Military trained.


30 years martial arts (Wushu, Karate, Kung Fu).

Great Britain Wushu team Captain (past 15 years), twice European Wushu Champion, twice Chin Woo World Champion, 15 years GB National Wushu Champion.

10 years gymnastics.

British Army reserve.

20 years stunt performer (indents, music videos, feature films, live shows).

BA (hons) Acting - University of Northampton.

Fashion modelling for various clothing brands.

Stunt skills







Steve Coleman