Samantha Schnitzler

Playing Age: 26-35

Height:  5' 8" (172cm)

Bodyshape: Athletic

Arm Span: 159cm (62")

Natural Accent:  US (generic American)

Other Accents:  French, Russian and Generic European

Special skills:  Combat (armed: guns, sword, Chinese sword - jianshu -, knives, spears, shield and unarmed), taekwondo, kick boxing, pro dancer: contemporary, ballet, hip hop, salsa, jazz, commercial. Languages: English (US accent), French (bilingual) and Spanish (fluent). 

Experience & Training:  Mocap experience: training with the Mocap vaults, demo for Centroid

Recent Mocap work for big US video game (NDA's signed)

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Acting :

Fight reel :

Mixed reel:

Dance reel: