Ross Townsend Green

Playing Age:  23-30

Height: 6'  (182cm)

Bodyshape:  Tall, Slim, Slender, Athletic

Arm Span:  73" (185.43cm)

Native Accent:  British (Neutral)

Other Accents:  American-Southern States, American-Standard, French, Heightened RP*, London, Northern, RP*, Russian, West Country

Special skills:  Advanced Actor Combatant with the BASSC and BADC. Weapon systems - Unarmed, Unarmed Material Arts (Judo and Self Defence), Rapier and Dagger, Singlesword (Swashbuckling), Smallsword, Broadsword, Sword and Shield, Axe and Shield, Sword and Buckler, Knife, Duel Wielding Kali Sticks, Quarterstaff / Bo Staff Manipulation. 

Other skills include: ADR-Additional Dialogue Recording, Voice Acting, Character Actor, Archery, Fencing and Theatrical Gun Handling training.

Experience & Training:  Arts Ed London School of Acting, BA Acting in Film, Television and Theatre.  PCAUK -Performance Captured Academy: Training in Motion and Performance Capture.  BADC - British Academy of Dramatic Combat: Advance Combatant.  BASSC - British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat: Advanced Actor Combatant. 


Acting Showreel, Action Showreel, Motion and Performance Capture Showreel: