Tom Dussek

Location UK

Playing Age 40-50, 50+

Height 5' 11" (180cm)

Body Shape Muscular, Plus Size

Natural Accent(s) English (General)

Other Accents English (Estuary), English (Northern), English (Cockney), English Received Pronunciation (RP), English (West Country), English (Yorkshire), French, Irish

Gender Male

Right/Left Handed Left

Sport Badminton, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball

Other/Skills Acting, ADR, Creature/Monster, Puppeteer

Swords Unarmed

Appearance Eastern European, Scandinavian, White

Experience & Training:  Masters degree in Interactive Design.  Game development scenes at Centroid 3D, working with other actors inc fight scenes.  Feature film "Little Heroes", playing 4 different MoCap characters - evil and thin, evil and stupid, evil and fat, kind and fat, working with numerous characters and complex movement scenes, inc horse riding.  Puppetry development work with Centroid 3D.  Facial Mocap and fine detail hand capture for Pitstop.

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