Phillip Ray Tommy

Location UK

Playing Age 40-50

Height 6' (182cm)

Body Shape Muscular

Natural Accent(s) English (General), English (London), English (Birmingham)

Other Accents African (General), American (General), English (Black Country), English (Cockney), English Received Pronunciation (RP)

Gender Male

Right/Left Handed Right

Martial Arts Ju Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do

Sport Boxing, Wrestling

Other/Skills Acting, ADR, Creature/Monster, Kick Boxing, MMA, Stunts, Thai Boxing

Swords Broadsword, Court Sword/Small Sword, Found Weapons Fight, Gladius, Knife, Military Sabre, Mixed Weapons Fights, Quarter Staff, Rapier and Dagger, Swashbuckling Rapier, Sword and Shield, Tomahawks, Unarmed

Firearms Assault Rifle, Blank Firing, Gas Firing, Handling Trained, Movement Trained, Pistols, Safety Trained, Sniper

Appearance Black Caribbean

Experience & Training:

Since starting in the film industry, over 10 years ago, I have worked as an actor and as a stunt performer. I have worked on small independent films as well as large studio productions and feel very comfortable whilst on set. My training with various armourers and ex military personnel has given me a high level of confidence when using firearms and I'm able to do so safely and efficiently. I also have extensive experience in unarmed combat for screen as well as over 10 years of real life practical experience throughout my time as a CP officer . 

I successfully passed all 4 stages of the British Action Academy’s Warrior Masterclass and have also taught for them as an assistant instructor. 

Being part of stunt teams over the years has meant I have been able to gain skills in various areas such as high falls, basic wirework and driving.

My main objective on set is to give the director exactly what they need to ensure the directors vision is realised. As a film maker myself, I am aware of how important this is and will do my utmost to make that happen.

- 5 years live action performing (theatrical improv and choreographed fighting.

- Graduate of the British Action Academy, 3 years, 2011-2013 (I am trained in multiple weapons systems and can competently perform choreography safely whilst using them) I have also worked for the British Action Academy as an assistant instructor.

- Ex- professional MMA Fighter

- 2nd Degree Black Belt Taekwondo

- 3 years of Greco- Roman Wrestling training

- 3 years of ABA Boxing training Close Protection trained (Bodyguard)