Neil Grainger

Location UK

Playing Age 30-40

Height 5' 8" (172cm)

Body Shape Medium

Natural Accent(s) English (North East)

Other Accents American (General), English (Northern), English Received Pronunciation (RP), Irish

Gender Male

Right/Left Handed Right

Martial Arts Judo

Sport Cricket, Football

Other/Skills ADR, Creature/Monster, Theatre Trained

Firearms Assault Rifle, Pistols

Appearance White

Experience & Training:  13 years working in Motion Capture, Full performance capture and facial capture in  50+ games and films, working at all the main Mocap studios in the UK. Previous game work includes Assasins Creed:Unity, Until Dawn, Killzone 2, Fable 3 and Risen- Main Mocap artist providing movement for Harry Potter in all but one of the EA game franchise. Experience with machine guns through TV work- Trained in clown and physical comedy. 


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