Lula Suassauna

Location UK

Playing Age 30-40, 40-50

Height 6' 1" (185cm)

Body Shape Athletic

Natural Accent(s) French Brazillian

Other Accents Italian, Spanish

Gender Male

Right/Left Handed Right

Martial Arts Capoeira, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do

Sport Boxing

Dance Ballroom, Contemporary, Jazz, Latin

Other/Skills Acting, ADR, Creature/Monster, Kick Boxing, Parkour, Stilts/Circus, Stunts, Theatre Trained

Swords Broadsword, Court Sword/Small Sword, Gladius, Knife, Mixed Weapons Fights, Rapier and Dagger, Rapier and Cloak, Swashbuckling Rapier, Sword and Shield, Unarmed

Firearms Assault Rifle, Blank Firing, Movement Trained, Pistols

Appearance Mediterranean


2019. Roman centurion, Conquistador, Giant monster and various other roles. NEW WORLD (OFFICIAL TRAILER). Amazon Games and Axis Animation & VFX Studios. Centroid (Pinewood Studios).

Ashiok (antagonist, main hero’s torturer), Undead, Aquatic creature. THEROS BEYOND DEATH (OFFICIAL TRAILER). Magic: The Gathering and Axis Animation & VFX Studios. Centroid (Pinewood Studios).

Warrior, creature and fighter. VICON MOTION CAPTURE DEMO. Vicon. Tim Doubleday.

Several roles and creatures. UNDISCLOSED AAA GAMEThe Dambuster Studios. José Garcia.

Vassily & Arkady (Russian accent). AMNESIA (short film). Target3D. Tamara Zabavina & Jon Weinbren.

Robot (Lead). FRIEND (short film). Target3D. Lia Haikali & Jon Weinbren.

2018 Geralt of Rivia. MEET GERALT VR AND MOCAP EXPERIENCE (Promised Land Arts Festival - Lodz, Poland). CD Projekt Red. Sam Goodwin.

Fighter. MOCAP TECHNOLOGY DEMO. Ninja Theory/Vicon. Stephen Stanyon/Andy Ray.


Several roles and creatures. UNDISCLOSED AAA GAMEThe Dambuster Studios. José Garcia.

Traveller, thief, soldier. MOCAP SYSTEM DEMO. Myrkur Games/Vicon. Halldór S. Kristjánsson/Andy Ray.

Fighter. SHOGUN MOCAP SYSTEM DEMO. Hazelight Studios/Vicon. Josef Fares/Andy Ray.

Samurai fighter. SHOGUN & CARA SYSTEMS MOCAP DEMO. Guerrilla Games/Vicon. Tina Holland.

2017. Warrior. MOCAP DEMO. Ninja Theory / Vicon. Tina Holland.

2017. Several roles. MOCAP SOFTWARE LIVE DEMONSTRATION. Plarium Games/Technicolour. Andy Ray.

Mocap Samurai Warrior. PROMISED LAND ARTS FESTIVAL (Lodz, Poland). CD Project Red Studios, Tim Doubleday.

Warrior/Sword Fighter. DEVELOP BRIGHTON. Vicon. Katie Davies.

VR & Motion capture live performer. VR WORLD - LONDON OLYMPIA. Vicon. Sam Goodwin.

Soldier/Live Mocap Martial Artist. FMX CONFERENCE ON GAMES, ANIMATION & VR (Stuttgart, Germany). Vicon. Andy Ray.

Fighter. SHOGUN - MOTION CAPTURE SOFTWARE PROMO VIDEOS. Vicon (Oxford). Tim Doubleday.

Hero/Sword Fighter. SHOGUN - MOTION CAPTURE SOFTWARE LIVE DEMONSTRATION. Dambuster Games / Vicon (Oxford). Sam Goodwin.


​Movement Reel & Motion Capture Reel: