Lorraine Hodgson

Location UK

Playing Age 30-40, 40-50

Height 5' 3 (160cm)

Body Shape Slim

Natural Accent(s) English (General), English (Lancashire), English (Northern)

Other Accents English (Cockney), English (Liverpool), English (Manchester), English Received Pronunciation (RP)

Gender Female

Right/Left Handed Left

Dance Jazz, Tap

Other/Skills Acting, ADR, Theatre Trained

Appearance White

Experience & Training: Mocap Vaults - intro to Mocap, Mocap Vaults - Monsters and heroes. The Voiceover Network - Victoria Akin - Mocap  in Videogames , The Voiceover Network- Jessica Jefferies - Performance capture intensive workshop. Trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic.  Developing Characters for video games - with senior casting and voice director Andrea Toyias  from Blizzard EntertainmentIntensive Workshop - Performance & Motion Capture Acting - with Bafta Nominated director Tom Keegan in Los Angeles , Acting in video games with casting & audio director Randall Ryan.

‚ÄčSpotlight:   https://www.spotlight.com/4052-4532-5579