Joshua Wichard

Location UK

Playing Age 20-30, 30-40

Height 6' (182cm)

Body Shape Muscular

Natural Accent(s) American (General), English (General)

Other Accents American (General), Irish

Gender Male

Right/Left Handed Right

Sport Rugby

Other/Skills Acting, ADR, Creature/Monster

Swords Broadsword, Court Sword/Small Sword, Knife, Quarter Staff, Rapier and Dagger, Unarmed

Firearms Assault Rifle, Blank Firing, Handling Trained, Live Firing, Movement Trained, Pistols, Safety Trained

Appearance White

Experience & Training:

Very experienced in mocap (including mocap vehicular work, facial cameras), TV experience in UK and US TV, professional theatre experience too). Many stage combat qualifications at advanced level. Arms training from courses and six years army cadet training including drill and shooting competitions.