Jake Wardle

Location UK

Playing Age 20-30

Height 5' 9 (175cm)

Body Shape Slim

Natural Accent(s) English (General), English (Cockney), English (London), Irish (Northern)

Other Accents American (General), American (southern), Australian, British Asian (Northern and Southern), Chinese, English (Birmingham), English (Northern), English (Heightened RP), English (Liverpool), English (Newcastle), English (West Country), French, German, Indian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Multicultural London English (MLE), New Zealand, Nigerian, Russian, Scottish, South African, Welsh

Gender Male

Right/Left Handed Right

Other/Skills Acting

Firearms Assault Rifle

Appearance Eastern European, Scandinavian, White

Experience & Training:  Bare Arms Theatrical Firearms course (LV1 basic), Acting for Pcap with Tom Keegan, Video-game Voice-acting Monsters & Creatures, Spies Actors & Games, Character development for Video Games, Masterclass week for acting for screen.

"Having seen his internet video of him doing many incredible accents, his talent and naturalness really impressed me.  Jake was perfect for Freddie.  You see a thousand people on the internet, but I knew Jake could do this.  He's super smart and like Harry Dean - he's just a natural"  David Lynch

‚ÄčSpotlight:   https://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/2454-8945-9706</