David Aldridge

Location UK

Playing Age 20-30, 30-40

Height 5' 11" (180cm)

Body Shape Athletic, Slim

Natural Accent(s) English (General), English Received Pronunciation (RP)

Other Accents American (General), American (southern), English (Cockney), Multicultural London English (MLE)

Gender Male

Right/Left Handed Right

Sport Babminton, Football, Swimming, Tennis

Other/Skills Acting, ADR, Creature/Monster, Juggling, Pilates, Theatre Trained, Yoga

Swords Court Sword/Small Sword, Knife

Experience:   Motion / performance capture - having worked with Centroid on several occasions, Also with Territory Studios. Highly Experienced working on stage, including playing Curley in Of Mice and Men.  Film - completed 2 features and several short films, including What If, Like Me… which won several awards, showings at international festivals. 

Spotlight link:  https://www.spotlight.com/3333-5619-5869