Phoebe Hyder

Playing Age:  15-25

Height:  5' 7" (170cm)

Bodyshape:  Average

Arm Span:  41" (106cm)

Native Accent:  Neutral British, RP

Other Accents:  American-Southern States, American-Standard, Cockney, Essex, Estuary English*, Heightened RP, Irish-Southern, RP, West Country, Yorkshire

Training:  Phoebe trained at the Guildford School of Acting and then later with Gecko, frantic assembly, and lecole de Jaques Lecoq. 
She trained in Performance Capture and Motion Capture at The Imaginarium Studios with PCA UK. 

Specialist skills:  Phoebe is a highly skilled combat artist- trained in 12 weapons under the APC. Weapons are: Unarmed, Knife, Small Sword, Kuni, Broad Sword, Staff, Spear, Rope & Knife, Boxing, Group Fight, Case of Rapier, 18th Century Small Sword, (Professional Recommendation).  As well as this she is a highly skilled puppeteer with green screen experience and contemporary dancer.