Offir Limacher

Playing Age:  24-36

Height:  5" 9' (176cm)

Bodyshape: Athletic

Arm Span:  182cm

Native Accent:  American with European influence.

Other Accents:  American, Swiss, German, French, RP, Russian, Italien, Israeli 

Special skills: Gymnastics, Ape & creature movement with/without arm extensions, Swiss Armed Forces trained in several firearms, close quarter combat, etc. (Trained theatrical firearms Bare arms), Stage combat: Unarmed, broadsword, sword & shield, rapier & dagger, Locomotion, Capoeira (Intermediate), Rollerblading (Advanced), Snowboarding (Intermediate), Skateboarding (Intermediate), Scuba Diving (Intermediate), Skiing (Basic), Bujinkaan Ninjitsu (Basic)

Experience/Training:  Terry Notary`s masterclass movement workshop (Ape & creature development with armextenstions), Bare arms Theatrical Firearms course Lvl.1, Motion capture performance & Voice over workshop with Jessica Jeffries, 2019, Target3d & Ryan Mercier: Motion capture performance workshop,The Mocap Academy/Performance Captured Academy: 2 day intensive Motion and Performance Capture, Face and Voice Course, BASCC: certification course: Broadsword (Pass), BASCC: certification course: Sword & Shield (Pass), BASCC: certification Rapier & Dagger / Unarmed (Pass), Acting Coach Scotland: Professional diploma in stage & screen acting, Academy of Arts Bern (HKB): Workshop in Stage and Screen Acting, , Switzerland
Soldier at Swiss Armed Forces (Mechanized Infantry).
Army trained in the following weapon systems:
- Aussault rifles
- Assault rifle attachments including grenade launcher
- Light machine guns
- Anti tank missiles in combat (RPG)
- Grenades (Explosive, Smoke, Flash, Irritation)
- Pistols 


Mocap Reel: