Neal Ward

Playing Age:  27-35

Height:  6' 1" (185cm)

Arm Span:  188cm (74")

Body shape:  Athletic/Muscular

Native Accent:  British (London)

Other Accent:  Midlands (derby) native, Scottish Glasgow, Irish. Northern and southern, America south/east coast/ generic, South African, Brummie, Scouse, Yorkshire.

Special skills:  Neal can juggle three balls, snowboard to confident level (no tricks) can break dance to a competent level. Special break dance move:  windmill competent level.

Experience:  Motion capture for :  Pirates of the Caribbean ps2 (movements for jack sparrow, his walk run idols and several cutscenes) for eurocom

Casino Royal PlayStation: movements idols and cutscenes.  Guitar hero 3:
Facial capture for all of motorheads /Lemmy's songs on the game.