Marta Svetek

Playing Age:  25-35

Height:  5' 8" (172cm)

Arm Span:  66" (167cm)

Body shape:  Athletic, curvy

Native Accent:  US - International

Other Accents:  US Standard, US West Coast, US - LA/Valley, RP, Heightened RP (putting some work in on this one with my accent coach but 99% there), Slovenian, General Eastern European, Russian.

Special skills:  Firearms handling, Certified Stage Combatant with BASSC and BADC, Wirework trained (jerkbacks, flying). Primary fight and weapon systems are Unarmed (Kickboxing, Grappling), Single Sword, Sword and Shield, Broadsword, Rapier and Dagger, Quarterstaff. Advanced horseback rider. Can perform with US, UK (RP) or Easter European accents.

Experience: Marta has worked on several indie games currently in development, and has been consistently working on a variety of game and animation projects with University of Portsmouth for the last 3 years. She is highly skilled in firearms handling (regular Tactical Black Los Angeles live fire tactical training and Bare Arms L2 Advanced certified), and is a certified Stage Combatant with both the BASSC and BADC. She is also an accomplished voice actor.