Jenna Sharpe

Playing Age:  25-35

Height:  5' 7" (170cm)

Bodyshape: Strong build, Muscular but curvy

Arm Span:   66" (168cm)

Native Accent:  British RP

Other Accents:

French, German, Spanish, Generic Scandi, Russian, Generic Eastern European, South African

American Mid Atlantic, American California, American Generic South, American New York, Generic Australian

Special skills:  Professional Actress and voice over. Archery, plus some firearms/sword handling. Singing. Jazz, Contemporary dance (skilled), Belly Dance & Classical Egyptian Dance (Highly Skilled). Martial Arts Trained. Flexible joints, good levels of strength and Physical fitness. 

Experience & Training:  Trained in marked and markerless facial & full performance Motion Capture at Audiomotion Studios
Experience with Head cam and Scanning technology
Adept at Facial Syncing to existing audio or providing audio for an existing performance (dubbing & lip sync).

Links to reels: