Jamie Chambers

Playing Age:  27-35

Height:  6' (182cm)

Bodyshape:  Athletic

Arm Span:  70" (178cm)

Native Accent:  West London/Herts/Berks accent

Other Accents:  London - Cockney, Urban, Estuary, Northern - Scouse, Yorkshire, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Northern Irish, Europe - French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, America - Californian, Central, Southern, South America - Cuban, Africa - Afrkiaans, South African, Nigerian/Ugandan, Moroccan/Egyptian/Algerian

Special skills:  
Modern Firearms training including: Pistols/Side-arms, Rifles, Carbines, Sub & Heavy machine guns + Historical Fireams training
British Action Academy, Warrior Masterclass - Warrior, Battle, Titan & Advanced Phases (Phases I - IV) - Including: Dagger, Rapier, Cutlass, Sabre, Broadsword, Battle Axe, Katana and Nunchucks
Stage and Screen Combat including Unarmed, Knives, Melee and Swords 
Driving licence; Firearms trained; Impersonation; Impression; Improvisation; Motion-Capture; Screen Combat; Stage Combat; Stunt experience; SPACT performer; Sword fighter; Unarmed combatant; Voice over;
Athlete; Footballer; Martial artist (Black-Belt Kick-boxer); Parkour; Personal trainer; Rock Climber; Rugby; Scuba diver; Swimmer;
Accents Including: RP, London, Cockney, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, American (Mulitple), French, South African

Experience & Training:  

Poor School - 2015:"  Paul Caister, Grantley Buck

Meisner Acting Technique - 2014/Present:  Actors Temple; Tom Radcliffe

Bachelor's Degree - Brunel University - Sports Science, Biomechanics

Spotlight: https://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/4218-8940-6001

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