Jake Wardle

Playing Age: 16-30

Height:  5' 9" (175cm)

Bodyshape:  Slim

Arm Span:  66" (170cm)

Native Accent:  British, London hint of Cockney

Other Accents:  Jake is amazingly skilled at accents.  British: Cockney | Multicultural London English (London Street Dialect/Roadman) | Formal RP | Heightened RP (Posh) | British Asian (Northern and Southern) | West-country | Northern English (general) | Lancashire | Liverpool | Birmingham | Newcastle | Scottish (Standard) | Welsh (Standard)

Irish: Northern (Belfast) | Southern (Dublin), American: Standard U.S | Italian American (East Coast) | Southern States (Standard) |, Southern States (Redneck) | Ebonics (AAVE)

World: Mexican (Chicano) | Canadian (Standard) | Jamaican | French | German | Italian | Russian | Indian | Chinese | Japanese | Australian (formal & informal variants) | New Zealand (Standard & Maori) | South African (Afrikaans) | Nigerian (Igbo/Yoruba) | Generic African

Special skills:  Firearms training - Bare Arms-Theatrical Firearms Course Lv1: Basic Handgun
Bolt-action rifle, Semi-automatic rifle (.22lr) , Shotgun, Military Reenactment (late 18th century), Musket Handling, Other: driving, swimming, cycling.

Experience & Training:  Bare Arms Theatrical Firearms course (LV1 basic), Acting for Pcap with Tom Keegan, Video-game Voice-acting Monsters & Creatures, Spies Actors & Games, Character development for Video Games, Masterclass week for acting for screen.

Spotlight:   https://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/2454-8945-9706

"Having seen his internet video of him doing many incredible accents, his talent and naturalness really impressed me.  Jake was perfect for Freddie.  You see a thousand people on the internet, but I knew Jake could do this.  He's super smart and like Harry Dean - he's just a natural"  David Lynch