Jake Nwogu

Playing Age:  25-35

Height:  5’ 7”( 170 cm)

Bodyshape: Athletic build

Arm Span:  69.5”( 176 cm)

Natural accent:  London (general)

Other Accents:  RP, Cockney, London Patois, General American

Special skills:


Motion Capture - Full body capture, Facial capture


Stage Combat - Unarmed, Long Sword, Rapier, Rapier & Dagger, Rapier & Buckler, Quarter Staff, Knife, Small Sword


Martial Arts - Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate & San Shou Kuan (Chinese Kick Boxing)

Fire Arms - Replica, Blanks, Live fire - Pistols (Semi-Auto, Revolver & Black Powder), Rifles (Bolt action, Semi-Auto & Full Auto), Shotguns


Wirework/Aerial - Jerk back & wraps, Aerial acrobatics, Bungee, Character/creature movement, Fluid continual movement and swimming


Dance Styles: Ballet, Contemporary, Bboying (Breakdance), Popping, Locking, Improvisation, Choreography


Arts Education School London (secondary), Central School of Ballet(Diploma), The Mocap Vaults  - Performance Capture Acting  - Intro, Heroes and Monsters,  2016 Mocap Summit

Bare Arms - Fire Arms Levels 1 & 2 Independent Drama - Stage/Screen Combat (BASSC Unarmed &BADC Advanced) - Fire Arms - Pistols & Rifles - Wirework

Firearms for Film & TV - Levels 1 & 2, Lee Taylor Karate - Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate & Self Defense (Orange Belt), San Shou Kuan - Chinese Kickboxing  (5th Grade/Orange Belt), The Realness - Popping and Locking, Live to Break - Bboying (Breakdance) , Foundationz Cru - Bboying (Breakdance)  

Links to areels and spotlight:

Spotlight Pin: 9096-8941-4979

Mocap Reel: https://youtu.be/xBJlsL7qf0k

Action Reel: https://youtu.be/KABKGqgzbqs

Dance Reel: https://youtu.be/390lsroBIoA