Francesca Anderson

Playing Age:  25-35

Height:  5' 2" (157cm)

Arm Span:  61.5" (155cm)

Body shape:  Petite

Native accent:  Essex/Estuary (natural Home Counties)

Other Accents:  RP and Heightened RP, Norfolk/East Anglia, West Country, Midlands but very much Dudley/ Wolverhampton, Scouse/ Liverpool, Yorkshire, Scottish but quite Edinburgh not Glasgow, General US, General Southern American, French

Special skills:  Trained Puppeteer in animatronics & hand puppetry.  Skilled

costume & mask performer.  Stilt walk.  Aerial work on wires both static and mobile.

Experience: Foundation in Mocap. Mocap for UCL.  Green Screen work for BBC & Independnet films.