Frances Katz

Playing Age:  21-35

Height:  5' 5" (165cm)

Bodyshape: Athletic

Arm Span:  160cm

Natural Accent:  English (British) & Spanish (Chilean)

Other Accents:  General American, Spanish (South American), Spanish (Spain), Australian

Special skills:  Martial Arts:   Kick Boxing, Wushu & Kung Fu (Training in China), Weapons:  Sword, Spear, Bo Staff & Sword and Shield, Military Support, Stunt Swimmer and Diver, Professional Dancer &  Stunt Rigging

Experience & Training:  Working with EA games (Need for Speed-Heat)) Lead Female Movement Artist,  Training with Centroid - Movement Training for MOCAP (The Mocap Studio)


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Action Actress:

Military Support & Fireams:


Stunt Swimmer:


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