Please feel free to email us a brief and we will suggest some actors that may be suitable and organise self tapes if required. If we don't have what you are looking for please get in touch as we offer a free casting service to help you find the best actor for the job.

Marta Svetek-4092.jpg

Marta Svetek


Sorcha Brooks

Francesca 2.jpg

Francesca Anderson

phoebe 4.jpeg

Phoebe Hyder


Lorraine Hodgson


Dianne Weller

Olivia Headshot nat.jpg

Olivia Jannesson

Alison Carrol.JPG

Alison Carroll

Chelsea Marie

Luci Fish 004.jpg

Luci Fish

Sally Reichardt.jpg

Sally Reichardt

Natalie Chisholm.JPG

Natalie Chisholm

Samantha Schnitzler.jpg

Samantha Schnitzler

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 14.38.19.png

Jenna Sharpe

Frances Katz.JPG

Frances Katz

Michelle Archer.jpg

Michelle Archer