Durassie Kiangangu 

Playing Age:  25-30

Height: 5' 9" (175cm)

Bodyshape: Mesomorphic (Slim, muscular/Athletic) 

Arm Span:  181cm 

Natural Accent:  London Generic

Languages Spoken:   Swedish (Fluent/Stockholm Accent) , Spanish

(basic/Intermediate-conversational Latin American accent), Portuguese (basic/conversational Brazilian accent), German, Basic (General Hochdeutsch standard German accent) 

Special skills:  Juggling 3 balls and juggling 6 balls duet with another juggler. Power Strider stilts, Basic Trapeeze, Bungee Harnessing Intermediate

*Cycling, Rope climbing with and without using feet. 

Experience & Training: Mocap face mask for An American Video game at Shepperton Studios, Green screen, Mocap character Exploration. 3yr Acting training at Cogan Agademy of Dramatic Arts in London. Physical Theatre intensive training with NIPAI in Berlin, Physical Theatre performances, touring around Europe, Voice Over: Swedish and English, Movement/Choreography workshop facilitation for Children ages 5-11 in U. K and Belgium. Plus teens aged 13-19 in U. K, Belgium, Netherlands and France.  Catwalk Modelling and Photographic Modelling. Choreographer for Ben Sherman AW18 Fashion Show. 

Dance Styles:  Northern Soul: Professional, Physical Theatre and Devising, Contemporary:General, Hip Hop, New Jack Swing and house (General) Ballet and Break dancing: Basic, Salsa: Basic

Links to Reels:

Movement Showreel: 


Actors Showreel: 



Vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/durassie

Adidas: https://youtu.be/pxuLuQibPqM

Ben Sherman AW18: https://youtu.be/BAvGM6lKTmA