Chelsea Marie

Playing Age:  18-27

Height:  5' 8" (172cm)

Bodyshape:  Slim, Athletic

Arm Span:  67"

Native Accent:  Neutral British Southern 

Other Accents:  West Country, Cockney American, RP

Special skills:  Professional Fight Performer (BASSC Distinction Broadsword, experienced equestrian, Quarterstaff, Raper and Cloak, BADC Intermediate Advanced Unarmed, Smallsword, sword and Shield, Rapier and Dagger, Knife, Axe and Knife) Stunt Rider (currently training with Charlotte Dent for the riding stunt register), Horseback Archery, Jousting, Trick Rider at Theatrick Horse Productions,  Falconry, Ground Archery, Firearms training with Independent Drama, Musician (Piano, Keyboard, Flute, Guitar, Mandolin and Dulcimer) Actor-Musician, Actor-Singer, Professional Actor (East 15 Acting School), Voiceovers. 

Experience & Training:  Currently training with The MoCap vaults