Amy Floyd

Playing Age:  24-29

Height:  5’ 11”

Bodyshape: Hourglass

Arm Span:  175cm

Natural accent:  English Standard

Other Accents:  Heightened RP

Special skills:


Stage Combat – Advanced fighter. Trained in unarmed and a variety of weapons including, but not limited to small sword, rapier & dagger, rapier & cloak, sword & shield, sword & buckler, long sword, sabre, knife and quarter staff

Theatrical handgun trained

Black belt in Shokotan Karate

Taekwondo, Horse riding, Archery, Ballroom dancing, Swing dancing, Violin


Macbeth in 'Macbeth: Sleep No More' with Shadow Road Productions; performing in various open-air locations during lockdown including The Turbine Theatre.

Most recent training is Victoria Atkin's Performance Capture and Voice Over classes, completed three sets of 6 week classes and one 6 week Voice Over course with Mela Lee.

Mocap experience - trained with Captivate Action back in 2014 and have since been assisting them on their mo-cap courses, getting to work with guest teachers Carrie Thiel and Gabrielle Moleta. 

Worked with Portsmouth University, UK, and Deakin Motion Lab, Melbourne. 

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Acting reel:

Wirework reel:

Quarter staff: